Med Nanos, Part 2

Installation Med nanos are injected into any major blood vessel. Within the bloodstream, they swim to various attachment points according to onboard AI logic and commands from the master assembly bots. Like sea turtles hatching from their eggs on the shore, some nano bots won’t make it to their destinations. Some become defective. Others might contain burn-in… Continue reading Med Nanos, Part 2

Med Nanos, Part 1

HistoryIn the year 8125AS, the medical nanobot goes into wide circulation. Dr. Kipica Aordim makes the greatest contributions to the invention and receives the Medal of Radian Glory, the highest honor in Mikklesia. This invention triggers other history-changing inventions at the Daishon Research Facility (DRF). Ten years later, the DRF develops the first holovisor, which uses med nanos to… Continue reading Med Nanos, Part 1

Effects of Prolonged Life, Part 2

Update: Scribes’ Descent will be out on May 30 in Kindle, paperback, and hardcover formats! It’ll also be free to borrow for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. And because my first shipment has arrived, if you live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, I can sell you a signed paperback right now 🙂 Signed, in-person copies are $12, cash or debit. Now for… Continue reading Effects of Prolonged Life, Part 2

How the Orbital Rings work

In Scribes’ Descent, you might have noticed this line on page one: “Orbital rings crisscrossed the sky.” And that’s all you really hear about these objects until chapter 10, where you still don’t get much detail: “A mag train shuttled Mallory and Leah to the Wilnat habitat in under five hours. The hab sat atop the Mitrian orbital… Continue reading How the Orbital Rings work