3 Pillars of Radianism

Last month, I listed popular Radian scripture passages. Now I’ll go into their unusual customs, which are captured by Radianism’s three pillars: 1. Read Reality Two every day. Families are to exhort each other by quoting passages that relate to the day’s activities. See the previous newsletter for more details on this one. 2. Make Scientific Advancements and measure them with a merit sum.… Continue reading 3 Pillars of Radianism

Why do people worship technology on Daishon?

Let’s take a break from science to talk about culture. But don’t worry–science photobombs even this picture 🙂 On the back cover of Scribes’ Descent, you’ll find the line “People worship technology on Planet Daishon.” And the opening chapters are bulging with references to Radianism and its fanatical devotion to science. If you’ve ever wondered what that’s about,… Continue reading Why do people worship technology on Daishon?

What are Stepper Motors?

In chapter one of Scribes’ Descent, you’ll find this line: “The hum of vent fans and the whir of stepper motors blended into a sound she’d come to think of as her personal theme song.” The term stepper motor might seem like a term I made up for the Scribeverse, but it’s a common device in our world. Especially in… Continue reading What are Stepper Motors?

How the Cave System Below Feldencourt went Undiscovered

In Scribes’ Descent, after a quake hits Feldencourt, the ground splits open to expose a vast cave system 100 meters below the city.  Infrastructure damage from a magnitude 7.0 earthquake in Anchorage, Alaska in 2018. Image credit: USGS. How did it go unnoticed for centuries prior when they had ground penetrating radar (GPR)? Klein explained it this way: “Nobody knew… Continue reading How the Cave System Below Feldencourt went Undiscovered

Holovisor Features

In Scribes’ Descent, most Imnans who refuse the neural implant opt for the holovisor instead. Think of a hologram projector glued to the forehead. That sounds futuristic, but you can buy hologram projectors today. I mean, we are in the year 2023, after all. Anyhow, holovisors do much more, boasting some pretty wild features. Saps, this is starting to sound like a commercial.… Continue reading Holovisor Features

Nuclear fusion in the Scribeverse and in Ours

Merry Christmas everyone! Let’s talk about nuclear fusion (tis’ the season to fuse atoms) About two weeks ago, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory confirmed it had finally achieved fusion ignition. Scientists hailed it as a major breakthrough. One we’d spent sixty years and billions of dollars to reach. But what is ignition, and what does this have to do with… Continue reading Nuclear fusion in the Scribeverse and in Ours

Why Mallory’s ears popped in the Bioprison

In Scribes’ Descent, Mallory descends a deep mine called the Bioprison. It’s encased in an indestructible black barrier stone that’s segmented by horizontal slabs into chambers. Doors in the slabs allow only a few to pass. Mallory is one of those privileged people. Well, privileged might be a stretch. If you’ve read the book, you’ll know why 🙂 And you may have wondered… Continue reading Why Mallory’s ears popped in the Bioprison