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Scribes’ Descent is here!

A planet without quakes gets rattled by a big one. The cause lies at the bottom of a deep mine.

Available in Kindle, paperback, and hardcover.


TV show referred to in Scribes’ Descent

A young slave named Gedov jumps from a slave ship at night. The island he swims to is a giant raft made of bobblenuts covered with soil by moles. They take Gedov on board and help him rescue other slaves from passing ships.

If you’ve read Scribes’ Descent, you might remember Mallory and Leah referring to this show. Written as a novella. Available on Amazon in Kindle format. (Paperback is coming soon) Free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers!

World of Me

A colony of gut bacteria speaks to its teenage host every day, never getting a response. In an instant, all of that changes, forging a friendship between man and microbe. When the pathogens hear of it, the microbial world goes to war where man is not only the battlefield, but also a prime target. Read a free sample.

Standalone YA sci-fi novel. First draft complete.

Sevroog the Sewer Lord

An herbal slime controls the king, and only his sewer-crawling plumber can save him. Read short story.

A YA fantasy short story currently being novelized. First draft completed on 1/31/2022!

Scribes’ Descent started as a video game!

screenshot of Scribes' Descent, the video game
Mallory faces the Ragna

The first 500 to support the book will get their name embedded in the game! The first 1,000 supporters will have their names in the game credits. How to support the book:

  • Buy the book
  • Review the book on various websites (this is most important)
  • Follow @DylanWestAuthor on Facebook and Twitter
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  • Share promotional posts for the book on social media

There are 447 spots left in the game and 948 spots left in the credits! Claim your spot before they’re gone.