Why Does Cold Water Support More Marine Life?

Fellow Science Lovers, Happy Easter! Gaming update: Still hard at work on book 3. I hope to fix some minor bugs soon (especially the one where Mallory gets stuck in her falling animation after some jumps.) Fish like it Cold? In chapter five of Emolecipation, a gondola mole named Weeb says, “There’s fish. Cold currents from the Quasen Ocean… Continue reading Why Does Cold Water Support More Marine Life?

Gorizen Sap is Dangerous (brutal botany)

What’s a Gorizen? The first page of Emolecipation has this: “He’d rather throw himself in the ocean than end up on another gorizen plantation. Gorizen. Now there was a corrupted fruit! One slip of the hand and its poison barbs could kill a man.” And Scribes’ Descent describes it further: “Two concentric shells and poison sap between them, all protecting… Continue reading Gorizen Sap is Dangerous (brutal botany)


What’s a siphonophore? In chapter 22 of Scribes’ Descent, Boxer says, “The glowy things’re in the shape of a box again. I wonder if they’re a colonial species, like siphonophores in the sky.” The word siphonophores is so unusual that many readers may assume it to be a fictional term, but these exist on Earth. Here are some photos: Stephanomia… Continue reading Siphonophores

How Mallory’s Mom Searches for New Wormholes

Probe Swarms Chapter 3 of Scribes’ Descent says that Mallory’s mom writes code to help probes find another wormhole, but the book gives no further detail about it. If you’ve been wondering what programming code has to do with space probes, you’ve come to the right place! To search new areas of space for an undiscovered wormhole, the… Continue reading How Mallory’s Mom Searches for New Wormholes

Earth is weird

Hello Earth Dwellers, this is Mallory Leighyan. For you new folks, I’m the main character of Scribes’ Descent. Unlike Boxer, who hijacked this newsletter two months ago, I got Dylan’s permission to write this month’s newsletter. I hope you don’t mind. I just arrived last week–Dylan plucked me out of the Scribeverse and set me down in your universe.… Continue reading Earth is weird

3 Pillars of Radianism

Last month, I listed popular Radian scripture passages. Now I’ll go into their unusual customs, which are captured by Radianism’s three pillars: 1. Read Reality Two every day. Families are to exhort each other by quoting passages that relate to the day’s activities. See the previous newsletter for more details on this one. 2. Make Scientific Advancements and measure them with a merit sum.… Continue reading 3 Pillars of Radianism