Easter Eggs in Scribes’ Descent, Part 2

Boxer here. Dylan left his laptop unlocked and walked away to pet his kitties, so I’m taking over his newsletter this month. Shhh! Don’t tell him. All 1,920 of you can keep a secret, right?

Gaming update: Dylan has worked ’til the indecent hours of night to give you the biggest update yet–now you can fight the ragna boss in the game demo! Trust me, the bug monster’s not as scary as it is in real life. Dylan’s also prettied up the game and fixed so many bugs that it boggles my boggler. Some of the latest art hasn’t made it to the website yet, but he’ll upload it soon. Play Scribes’ Descent here: https://dylanwestauthor.com/demo And look for me in there, even though Dylan hasn’t animated me yet. I’ll keep pestering him until he fixes that.😃

More Easter Eggs in Scribes’ Descent

Jungle Boy: in the chapter where Rain and I are introduced–probably the best chapter in the whole book–Mallory asked, “So, are girls normally allowed in the boys’ dorm?” Then I said, “As long as we’re not running around like jungle boys in here, you’re all good.” Wanna know where the term “jungle boy” came from? When Dylan was in Navy bootcamp, he asked his drill instructor if he could take off his shirt while in the barracks. The drill instructor said, “What are you, a jungle boy?” Ever since then, in Dylan’s noggin, going shirtless = jungle boy. In fact, he’s a jungle boy at his desk while he writes his books! Maybe I shouldn’t be telling you all of Dylan’s secrets. He’s gonna feed me to a wigdim when he reads this.

Namiron Neutrinos: The namiron comm system used to be the muon comm system instead. But muons wouldn’t behave the way he needed it for the Scribeverse, so he “made up” namirons. The nerve he has claiming to invent new subatomic particles for us! In reality, the Highest One showed him more about my universe.

Math Names: Elder Sine and General Apothem got their names from math. Sine is a trig function equal to the opposite side of a given angle in triangle divided by the hypotenuse. Apothem is a line from the center of a regular polygon at right angles to any of its sides.

Picture of an apothem

-from https://commons.wikimedia.org/

Periodic Table: Remember when Mallory was in prison in and she recited the elements of the periodic table to distract herself? As it happens, Dylan had memorized the periodic table a few years ago, so he figured Mallory would have, too. Especially since she grew up in a science-heavy culture. No, Dylan never recited the elements in prison. If he ever makes a visit there, I’ll make sure he does it, though. 👍

Star Wars: When Mallory says, “I’m not sure we’re the Scribes you’re thinking of,” that was originally written as “We’re not the Scribes you’re looking for” as a subtle nod to the line in the first Star Wars movie: “These are not the droids you are looking for.” But Dylan was worried such a line would imply that Star Wars existed in the Scribeverse, so he changed it.

Little Moon: Mallory’s mom nicknamed her “Little Moon” because Mallory used to run circles around her, and Henel Leighyan said that Mallory was orbiting her like a little moon. (Remember that Henel was an astronomer for the Facility.)

Translation and Interpretation: Just as Mallory and her father did foreign language translation and interpretation, so does Dylan’s wife, though on a much smaller scale. She only takes occasional jobs–she doesn’t run it as a full-time business.

And there you go. Those are all the Easter eggs I can noodle out right now. Dylan’s brainbox sure is a weird place. I know ’cause I’ve spent a lot of time in there. That was all the stuff Dylan wanted to share. Now I’m adding my own section!

Boxer’s Noodlings

So, while you folks outside the Scribeverse are still squinting at your primitive gadgets, I have questions for you:

-When you Earth people say a post went viral, that means it spread fast, right? But what about a post that sticks around a long time? You should call that a “fungal post.” Have you ever gotten a foot fungus? Notice how long it sticks around? You can smother it with cream for weeks and weeks and that sucker still lives on… And when a post infects the whole world with anger, maybe call that a “bacterial post.” But then we’ve left out protists, algae, protozoans, and archaea. Hmm. Not sure what their posts would look like.

-Dylan says your planet doesn’t have orbital rings around it. What are you people waiting for? Hurry up and build them, already! And you haven’t found any wormholes, either? Tsk, tsk. We’ll send some astronomers from the Facility to help you guys out. Just ignore them when they try to convert you into Radianism.

-You really don’t have gorizen fruit or pet cormits or holovisors? Dylan’s just making that up, right? How can you survive without those things?

-I’m told that Star Wars is awesome and that the Scribeverse is a poorer place without it. Can somebody send me the original trilogy? I want to see what all the hullabaloney is about.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back with more questions later.

Dylan’s End Section (where he asks you to do stuff)

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Writing updateScribes Aflame is out on Amazon and at Dylan’s local events! Be sure to buy/read/review it so he keeps writing more stories with me in it. More folks in your universe need to know about my shenanigans. It’ll grow chests on your hair. (not just hair on your chest–that would be too easy.)

Read a sample of Scribes Aflame here: https://dylanwestauthor.com/scribes-aflame/ (I’m in it, by the way.)

Saps, Dylan’s coming back to his desk. Gotta go!

See you Earth folks next month,
Boxer Garth

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