Game Updates

Here’s a list of fixes and content adds I’ve made to Scribes’ Descent, the video game:

Updates on 12/10/2022:

-Overhauled the ledge grab feature (players no longer climb into the level geometry)

-Fixed the Reset Game and Reset Level pause menu buttons (scene transitions now work afterwards)

-Player camera now follows the player at a lower height. This helps view pits of spikes and low-lying platforms.

-Main camera changed to orthographic view and a separate perspective camera added. This prevents Mallory from appearing to hover above the ground while preserving parallax scrolling

-Power ups added to dead ends to better reward players for exploration.

Updates on 10/26/2022:

-changed interact button to the Y button to avoid control problems when walking up stairs (the old interact button used to be up on the analog stick)

Y interact button

-removed camera boundary colliders to avoid several camera glitches

-put Boxer on a raised ledge to keep your dialogue with him from getting interrupted by a rock bug

Raised Boxer on a ledge