The Game

screenshot of Scribes' Descent, the game: Mallory faces the Ragna (first boss)
Mallory faces the Ragna (first boss)

Scribes’ Descent began as a video game.

(mobile not supported)

Special Offer: The first 500 to support the book will get their name embedded in the game! The first 1,000 supporters will have their names in the game credits. How to support the book:

  • Buy the book
  • Review the book on various websites (this is most important)
  • Follow @DylanWestAuthor on Facebook and Twitter
  • Subscribe to the newsletter
  • Share promotional posts for the book on social media

There are 396 spots left in the game and 896 spots left in the credits! Claim your spot before they’re gone.

Game Details:
-will release first on platforms like Steam and Gog for home computer (PC, Mac, and Linux). Will release on consoles later as I can afford the licenses and get approvals.
-will take 5 to 10 more years to complete (after I publish the rest of the Scribes series of novels)
-made by only 1 developer (me). I do everything: design, art, coding, and audio.
-built in the Unity game engine
-Genre is Metroidvania (2D platformer with free exploration and gated progression)
-180 hours of development so far
-find me at a local sales event in Hampton Roads, VA to try the 15-minute demo of the game!
-game is inspired by Hollow Knight and will be about 60 hours long when complete

More Screenshots:

screenshot of Scribes' Descent, the game: inventory screen
screenshot of Scribes' Descent, the game: Research Deck
screenshot of Scribes' Descent, the game: Mallory above a pit of spikes in the Entrance
screenshot of Scribes' Descent, the game: Scribes on a myophos raft in the Myophos Grotto

See game updates.

List of fans to appear in the game (as of 6/9/2024)

If your name is listed here and you don’t wish to be included, please email me at If your name isn’t listed here and you think it should be, let me know. If you’d like me to change the name I’ve listed for you, please tell me the name you prefer. Thanks!

  1. Philip Nelson
  2. Drema Deoraich
  3. Emma G Rose
  4. James Moore
  5. Melion Traverse
  6. Lori Higgins
  7. Palmer Pickering
  8. Camilee Cartwright
  9. Rachel Silvestro
  10. Nathan Gregory
  11. Fran Ward
  12. Tobias Youngblood
  13. Jo Ann Jennings
  14. David Cascio
  15. Stephen Mowles
  16. Jessica Goeken
  17. Amber Moseley
  18. Gul Durmus
  19. Stacey Noble
  20. Kathrin Spinnler
  21. Jeff Fochtman, Sr.
  22. Kenny Ching
  23. Page Vaughn
  24. Renae Gigon
  25. WC Quick
  26. Lawrence G Taylor
  27. Kiran Suresh
  28. Robby Hogle
  29. Jayne Ormerod
  30. PC Elliott
  31. JF Lawrence
  32. Lacey Galbraith
  33. Maria Moriarity
  34. Dave Greig
  35. Sameer Chopra
  36. Brian Gaddy
  37. Erik Martenson
  38. Lizet Algras
  39. Josh Johnson
  40. Rachel Plumley
  41. Silly Mom
  42. Vincent Bek
  43. Eric Wayne Sparks II
  44. Joe Berne
  45. M Alvarez
  46. Ernie White
  47. Rachel Newhouse
  48. Justin Doyle
  49. Scott Hofmann
  50. Emily Gantner
  51. Leigh Kenyon
  52. Carol Jo Parsons
  53. Hayden Cunningham
  54. A.R. Kaufer
  55. William Harrison Croope
  56. Mary McFarland
  57. Jeff Box
  58. Quinn McMann
  59. Ed Perratore
  60. Lexie M
  61. Phil Hall
  62. Coby Brown
  63. Gina Engman
  64. Mary Grace
  65. James P
  66. Michael J. Krentz
  67. Adrian M Leishman
  68. Ray Adams
  69. Scott Harrington
  70. Chris Greenwood
  71. Michael Higgins
  72. Toy-Toy
  73. Riley Cross
  74. mbchic2004
  75. Steven D Webber
  76. Samantha Moran
  77. Tammi Belko
  78. Chris Gregory
  79. Mikie
  80. Alexander C
  81. Stefanie Barnfather
  82. Devin Parker
  83. Shazza
  84. Brandon Haynes
  85. Eric Landfried
  86. Devin
  87. David K Wessel
  88. nikosuave
  89. Joel Casanova
  90. Angelina Aviles
  91. Savior Sullivan
  92. Dawn Ross
  93. Keon Lindsey
  94. Joanna Calderon
  95. Bennett Crandall
  96. Dominic Pistritto
  97. Sophia Abraham
  98. Kagome
  99. Leopoldo Melendez
  100. NeNe
  101. Kenyen
  102. ADHDFamilyFun
  103. Chris Solaas
  104. James Argauer